Echoes from the Vault

For the final inspiring illustration of this 52-week series, it could be argued that we have saved the best for the last. This is a book of Psalms (with a liturgical calendar of Sarum (or Salisbury) use), which was written in England, probably near London, in the mid-15th century (St Andrews msBX2033.A00). It would have been commissioned as a private devotional text, and there is some evidence which suggests that it might have been produced for a member of the Senhouse family in Northern England.  It has for long been known as the ‘St Andrews Psalter’, but for no good reason other than that we have owned it since at least the late 17th century, when it appears in a Library catalogue.

This is a very high grade manuscript, with well-written text and a consistently fine level of decoration of initials. Its stunning feature, however…

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